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Making a Reality Real

Everything ends

The STM The Stuff to Things Machine (STM), was successfully demonstrated by the Great Dam Builder (GDB) as a suitable platform to negate quantum uncertainty for some specified reason and some specified time. Filtering out all the possibilities to just a small group of probabilities, the STM produces bubbles of probabilities from quantum foam called Domains of Probability (DOP). Although various methods can be used, the best DOP is made by the OS. The OS maintains a somewhat position controllable interface between the Step and the next Level. The Band of Energy (BE) between the Step and the next Level is Theoretical and is called the BET. The OS The OS got it's name for the precise things created out of Stuff using “One Step”. One Step defines a single space-time unit until the next Nothing, Exactly One Step before Total Disorganization (TD) or time to die. The OS allows some downward modification of the Filtered Uncertainly (FU) that creates the next Level. The OS maintains the interface between the Certainty of Collapse (COC) and the Uncertainty of Success (US) to ensure persistence for the specified time. It uses the Level Step Debris (LSD) to fill in holes. Learn about The Machine, The Quantum Projector, The Quantum Peephole. and The Light Way



One thing more then Nothing